We Should Wear Suits More

Us men are pretty spoilt these days when it comes to fashion. Take suits for example, now we can walk into most clothes shops and grab one ready to wear off the rack. Rewind a century and that wasn’t possible because the only option available was to get a tailored suit, add to that they were only for the rich because the cost was sky high.Nowadays suits are affordable for most men, you only need to visit a Thailand tailor to learn that, and we don’t have to keep them in the wardrobe until a special occasion comes around. I’m sure you’ve noticed many men wearing suits these days, there are many reasons for this. I’ve listed just a few below.

No Longer Formal

Even when I was growing up suits were only seen at formal occasions. For a wedding or funeral they are essential, and of course for men working in city offices. When men wore suits it went hand in hand with a formal shirt and tie, if you weren’t wearing a tie then you couldn’t put on your suit.

Now you can see men wearing suits without a tie and sometimes without a formal shirt. The replacements are quality t-shirts and crewnecks. I think they both look really good with suits and they allow us men to add smart sneakers to finish off the outfit.

As the suit is no longer seen as super formal it is acceptable to wear on a number of occasions, the most popular being for dinner or drinks.

Not Too Casual Either

I know I have been going on about how suits can be worn at informal times, but we shouldn’t forget that they still have a classy appeal to them. When I wear my suit from my trusted Bangkok Tailors I know that there’s an air of sophistication with it. 

Most of the events and occasions we go to will be casual but that doesn’t mean casual clothing should be worn. I for one don’t look good in casual clothes, they always make me look a bit scruffy! I much prefer wearing a suit, never with a tie, but rather a t-shirt to casual occasions.

Keeps You In Shape

You might wonder how this is possible. Well, if you’ve spend a decent amount of money on a tailored suit then you’ll want to make sure that it always fits you. If you start to put on a few pounds then your suit will soon let you know that you need to keep in shape because it’ll no longer fit. I found it really helpful to make sure I kept my fitness in check, an unexpected benefit but a welcome one indeed.