There Are So Many Reasons To Visit Nepal

Nepal is a country that appears on nearly every bucket list. It is a country full of history, culture, tradition and adventure. When a country is home to the highest mountain in the world, Everest, you know that people will be drawn to the place. Volunteering in Nepal was the thing that first got me on the plane, I’m so happy it did because it then allowed me to explore just how good this country is.

There’s so much to see and do, so much to learn about and lots of opportunities for volunteering in Nepal, I can’t find any reason not to visit! If you still need convincing I’m sure the following reasons of why I love the place will convince you.

It’s Peaceful

Nepal is the ideal location for people who are searching for a sense of peace and serenity. Many travellers that I’ve met always tell me that during their trip here they were able to find inner peace. The charm and very laid-back atmosphere more than compensates for all the home comforts it’s missing. The natural surroundings of the countryside, lakes and mountains offer the perfect place to unwind in tranquility. A trip to Nepal will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and give you a new lease of life.


This is what first brought me to Nepal so it always keeps a special place in my heart. I think everyone going to Nepal should offer their time and volunteer for a portion of the trip – giving back to the country you visit is always a great idea. You just need to make sure you have a skill that benefits the community or project you will be working with. Do your research, talk to fellow travellers and make sure you choose the right place for you to have an impact.

The Historical Sites

Make sure you have your camera fully charged because you’re going to see a lot of stunning history, art and architecture. There are two awesome UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites for you to explore. First up is the Kathmandu Valley, probably the most spiritual place in the country where there are lots of temples, monasteries and stupas covered in colours. Lumbini is believed to be where Buddha was born, many people speak about how beautiful and enlightening a visit here is.

I think everyone should visit as soon as they can, so get online and find a great flight deal now!

Have you been lucky enough to visit Nepal in the past? If so, please do share with the rest of us what things you loved about the place and why you’d recommend a trip to other travellers. Just type your thoughts in the comment section below, I’m sure everything you share will help others plan the best trip possible!

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