Cities With An Awesome Coffee Culture

If you’re like me then you love a good cup of coffee. If you travel I’m sure you’ve had many a bad cup of coffee……have you tried the 3 in 1 packs which are 50% sugar?! That is not what is needed when you wake up in the morning or when you want to sit down in a coffee shop and read a good book.

You don’t always have to suffer with your coffee when you’re on the road because there are some cities which have an awesome coffee culture. I enjoy the coffee in these places because you get to experience various different coffee tastes and learn more about where your coffee capsules come from.

Here are 3 cities which I loved because of there coffee culture. They made me not miss my keurig coffee maker as much as usual!

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has tons of world class tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, but the thing which really sticks out in my head is the coffee and how much the locals had created such a good coffee culture. Every evening the coffee shops are packed both inside and out with locals of all age, congregating to enjoy a chat, Hookah (optional) and good cup of caffeine. Expect your coffee to be served black, unfiltered, sweet and strong……it might not be like your usual cup but I guarantee that by the time you leave you’ll be missing it. Pierre Loti Cafe is one place you shouldn’t miss.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Coffee places a big part in daily life for Indonesian people. World famous coffee is produced here such as Jave and Gayo (if you don’t know then you should know). The capital city, Jakarta, is full of coffee houses, from the swanky to very low key there’s a place here that everyone will like. Every visitor should try the local Warung Kopi which you’ll find at every street side coffee cart. If you want a hip place, ideal for photos and coffee then head to Bakoel Koffie.

Seattle, USA

You can’t have a coffee culture list with out including Seattle. Why is that? I hear you ask. Well, Seattle is where the first Starbucks coffee shop was opened. This is the place for you to bring out that inner coffee snob or pretend to be one for a while as you hit up some very fine establishments. Head to Lighthouse Roasters to get things started off in an elegant manner and for all your Instagram needs your second stop should be Moore Coffee Shop.

Have you travelled to any cities with an awesome coffee culture or have you been to any of the 3 in my list? I’d love to hear all about your recommendations and experiences. Just pop your thoughts in the comment section below – thanks for sharing guys!