Tips for online marketing

Online marketing is becoming more and more prominent and is taking over from traditional media for advertising purposes, people are spending less on traditional print, television and radio advertising because they realise they can reach so many different people. It doesn’t matter if you use online marketing services in Cornwall or somewhere else, you absolutely need to be using online marketing and here are some reasons why.

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Use email marketing and email reminders

This is a great way for any business to engage its customers and should be used in conjunction with several other marketing options to get the best results. Sending an email to those that are already interested in your brand is a great way to get a sale, because you can tailor the sales to individuals and this is because you already know what they like and want. Sending reminder emails is also a great way to keep people aware that a sale or promotion is going on.

The main advantage of email marketing is that you can use special links in the emails themselves and these can be used to count how many people are clicking on the links in the emails, which will show you how effective your email advertising campaign is. If you have less than desired results it can be tweaked to get more people to click on these links and hopefully convert potential customers into sales.

Another great way to use email marketing is to limit the amount of discount codes that you give out and email individuals with unique codes, this will create more people that want to use the codes as there are less of them, and will mean that you can track how well your emails are at targeting individuals.

Use social media

Your business must use social media, if it is not on one or more social media platforms there is a serious risk that nobody will have any idea what your business is and will have little exposure. Something you must remember is that social media is literally used by over a billion people and this number is expected to increase exponentially ever year; this is the largest pool of people that you could possibly target with any sort of marketing campaign, so it is important to have a presence across social media in order to reach as many people as possible.


This is one of the best ways to market a small business and is a great way to keep people engaged with original and exciting content that people want to read. Writing great content will allow you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and will positively impact your ranking in search engines which will mean more people will be drawn to your site. Hopefully this will help you to create some conversions when people access your site.