The Importance of Good Web Design

Setting up or maintaining a good website is important for any person wanting people to view it, particularly businesses. Before you decide on one of the Bristol web design services available you can read this article, which will look at some important aspects of website design that you should definitely consider when thinking of creating a new website or updating your current one for your business.images (2)

Getting around

One of the most important parts of having a good website is navigation and this can have a huge effect on how well people interact with your website and ultimately stay on it. This is particularly important if your website has a lot of content or a number of pages to get through, if a user cannot find what they are looking they will abandon your website and move on to the next one in order to get what they want. It is important to assume that not everyone has the same level of technical knowledge when it comes to websites, therefore everything should be oversimplified to maximise the effectiveness of your website to a variety of individuals with differing levels of experience.


The layout of your website should be an added consideration of navigation. It is important to think of the most natural way of reading content and this is reading as if something was a book, throughout the world most people read from left to right and top to bottom. Your websites content should be placed in the most natural way possible, with enough space for people to see everything they need to and not feel cramped. Layout is important in keeping people interested in staying on your website.

On Brand

Website design should be consistent with other places that your logo is used, for example business cards, leaflets, letter heads, etc. Having a consistent design will make your brand much more recognisable in general and will create a feeling of familiarity and security for customers. By creating association with your brand through your website you are more likely to make conversions to sales. Many large companies invest big money into having things on brand and consistent in order to build their brand, as well as trust and loyalty with customers.