Food that’s good for the brain

As parents we want to do everything we can to keep our kid healthy and as sharp as possible. Children’s brains are constantly changing and growing. You can help your kids by making sure they are eating food that will help them grow and keep their minds active. You will be able to buy many books about how you can help your kids, look out for great discounts with groupon so you can pick a book up at a great price.


Here is a list of essential food that will allow you to help your kids stay sharp and keep their brains developing well in the future. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to add these to your kids diet, the best thing is that they are tasty as well, so your kids will not be complaining. If you teach your kids early on, they will take this healthy attitude in their future.


Eggs are great for kids because they are packed with protein and nutrients, both of which will help kids to concentrate. A great time for this is at breakfast when you can make scrambled eggs or in a packed lunch which the kids can take to school.

Greek Yogurt

Health experts will tell you that fat is extremely important for the health of the brain. So a full fat yogurt is absolutely perfect, it will help keep the brain cells active when sending and receiving info.


Spinach and Kale are sometimes referred to as super foods because they are packed with folate and vitamins. What’s better is that they have been shown to decrease the chances of dementia in later life. The both have antioxidants and many other qualities that aid the growth of new brain cells.


Protecting the brain from a decline in mental skills and also memory loss is essential. Fish is a fantastic source of both vitamin D and omega-3s which will help with this. The ideal fish to serve up are salmon and tuna.


You need to make sure you eat food that keep both the heart and brain arteries working properly and clear, porting and finer is a great way to do this. Replace those sugary, unhealthy breakfasts with oatmeal to get your kids off to a great start for the day.