World Refugee Day

It is estimated that there are about 10 million refugees across the world who’ve had to flee their homeland as a result of violence, conflict and persecution.
This has been an ongoing problem for decades, so MEC Global Solutions have teamed up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to spear head a multi-channel global campaign in order to raise as much awareness as possible for the World Refugee Day.
I think this is an absolutely magnificent cause, as it will directly address an issue that has affected so many people from developing countries. It’s an amazing statistic to think that 80% of the world’s refugee’s originate from these developing nations.
What are your exact thoughts and feelings in relation to such an adversity? Do you feel that men, women and children should be forced to escape their own countries due to war and political unrest?
One of the main ingredients in this campaign is getting twitter and facebook users to create a virtual shockwave of awareness on the 20th June – World Refugee Day. This is serve to highlight the situation on a worldwide scale.
If you were forced to leave your own country as a refugee, and you were allowed to bring just one item with you – what would that item be? You are kindly asked to show your support by posting a photo of this item to the Pinterest website.
Do you think a social media effort like this one will be effective in globally highlighting the problem?
If you would like to donate to this cause and help the provide adequate shelter and food for these unfortunate refugees, then you can make a one off donation, or a recurring monthly one to the UN refugee agency.
Why don’t you take just 1 minute out of your time, in order to feed a family that was forced to abandon their country.
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