5 Things To Do In Montreal

French Canada enamors visitors from all around the world with its architecture, art & music scene, gastronomy, and friendly people. Whether you are planning a vacation to Montreal or want to make this beautiful city your new home, here is a list of five things that are on all Montreal To-Do Lists. ind_a

1. Learn The Lover’s Language – French

Montreal is a wonderfully bilingual city. Most people speak both French and English fluently, and will be happy to assist you in both languages. While there is a law that protects French and makes sure that French is predominant on everything, English is never very far, making it easy to understand for all non-French speakers. Montreal is the perfect place to learn French.

2. Old Montreal

This area was once a fortified city, today it is a safe and vibrant community of hotels, restaurants, boutiques, rich in 17th & 18th history and charm. Old Montreal is a favorite place for expats and Montrealers alike to find a new home. For those that want to relocate to this beautiful community there are a wealth of resources to find out more about new condos in Old Montreal. Another tip: National moving day is June 1st, offering an exciting community environment to get to know your new neighbors.

3. Art & Music Culture

That’s one of the most popular reasons why people come to Montreal, either to live or to visit. The city boasts of its native Montrealers, such as, Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen, The Stills, and one half of Tegan & Sara. With over a hundred festivals every year, and a dozen of amazing museums spread throughout the city, the cultural life in Montreal is absolutely vibrant, and has nothing to envy of mega cities like New York or London.

4. Notre Dame Basilica

Nothing in a city renowned for churches matches Notre-Dame for sheer grandeur—or noisemaking capacity: its 12-ton brass bell is the largest in North America, and its 7,000-pipe Casavant organ can make the walls tremble. The pulpit is a work of art in itself, with an intricately curving staircase and fierce figures of Ezekiel and Jeremiah crouching at its base. This cathedral is certainly a site worth relishing in while in Montreal.

5. Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is a fascinating museum that recreates the world’s four ecosystems: Tropical Rainforest, Laurentian Maple Forest, Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Sub-Polar Regions.Each ecosystem has its own space in which the climate, vegetation and wildlife is mimicked to give visitors a truly authentic experience.

Armed with this list of things to do in Montreal, you will quickly fall in love with this city as I have, and even find yourself considering making it a permanent home.

Au revoir!

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