The Current State of Online Travel Websites

Before going away for a trip or vacation, it’s important that you do some research online in order to try and secure the best rates possible, for both flights and accommodation. Paying the highest prices isn’t on everyone’s list of priorities, but getting something as cheaply as possible usually is!


By doing proper reviewing and searching online, you’ll be able to squeeze out those little golden nuggets of cheap deals.

Nowadays, 99% of all travel related queries are done online through specific travel companies. Even train and bus tickets no longer need to be booked in a physical shop anymore.

All these travel businesses list the information that you will need so that you can research and save the best deals, so that when you travel to a specific location – you’ll have the cheapest prices to book accommodation etc.

Sitting down in the comfort of your own living room, you can pick out hotels which offer the most options at the best prices. Make sure you see if they are reputable as well. Check out other peoples trip reports if there are any. Have a clear idea of what the cancellation or refund policies are as well.

There is a travel website to suit everyone’s pocket and the best deals are usually discovered by comparing multiple websites against each other. provides the user with the ability to search through a huge range of flights and accommodation listings online, and filters them from lowest to highest or other way around.

In the majority of cases, the online price is always cheaper than if you were to walk into the hotel itself and book that way. Same for flights. You’ll never get a cheaper price if you went into a physical travel agency.

If you are looking to get another reduction from the hotel you are staying at, or thinking of staying at, then make sure you have the proper identification with you. Discounted rates for senior citizens, government and military and business class are commonly found in hotels.

If you are booking in a group, then you’ll more than likely get a “group booking” discount. This is very useful for large families, teams and college trips. If no discount is offered, then simply contacting the hotel directly and explaining the situation to them will usually result in you getting a cheap deal.

Like anything, you’ll never get the cheapest deal if you wait around until the last minute. In some cases you will, but don’t expect the standards to be excellent. This is definitely the case when it comes to accommodation.

Shop around and you’ll find a cheap deal that will bring a smile to your travelling pocket.




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