The best gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day which often brings a lot of pressure. Of course people pretend to not really care about the day, but deep down everyone loves to get a nice present to show that the person they love is thinking about them.

Some people go all out and spend a fortune to wow the love of their life, whereas others decide to keep it sweet and simple. Everything from a home cooked meal to a weekend break are great ideas, whatever you choose I am sure it will be appreciated. The most important thing to do is stick to your budget, around Valentine’s day you should check out what great discounts with groupon you can find.


If you’re looking for some inspiration about what to buy I have put together a great list of presents that will always be a winner.

The surprise

There’s an amazing new candle on the market that will wow your valentine more than ever before. These beautifully made scented candles will slowly burn down and a piece of collectible jewellery will be discovered. They are made for every budget and range from $10 to $10,000.

The puzzle

A very special gift can be made if you create a puzzle. The puzzle can be a map of when you first met, where you’re living now or maybe another place that is special to you both. The final piece of the map is a heart shaped puzzle piece and fits in to the special location you choose.

For the poet

If your partner loves poetry then you should get back to basics and let the likes of Mark Twain or Emily Dickinson help you. You can get love letter napkins made with some of their most romantic poems on there, this is sure to melt anyones heart.

For shining

Earrings are an obvious choice but why not get some that speak to the heart. I saw a great par of earring that simply spelt the word ‘love’ and on valentines day that’s all you really need to say.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is an absolute winner! Serve up a tasty treat to your love on valentines day to get the day off to a great start. Make it even more special with doe heart shaped waffles and other heart shaped food.