Packing for you holiday: The Essentials

So you’ve sat down with your partner and booked your holiday, the excitement kicks in about how you will be jetting off to the sun soaked beaches in a few months time. Then you wake up the next day and normal order has resumed as you head off to work. Without even noticing time flies past and you will be sitting on a beach sunning yourself in a couple of weeks, that’s when a slight panic kicks in when you realise you have things to pack and buy, but very little time.

Open red suitcase with clothing in the room

Our busy lives back home can often distract us from being completely prepared for our holidays, to make sure that you’re not stressed in the build up to your well earned time off from the hustle and bustle you should leave yourself with enough to time to pack and plan.

With things like online shopping becoming increasingly popular these days you can organise most of the things you need from your office computer or the comfort of your own home. The number one thing to get ready is your passport, make sure that’s up to date and has at least 6 months left on it before you travel out of the country.

After travelling a lot myself I’ve put down a simple little checklist of 3 essential items I need to bring with me whenever I go off for a relaxing break with my better half.

The Tech

I need my laptop to do a little bit of work when I am away, only a few emails here and there but it’s important for me so it’s usually one of the first on the list. The of course you need a camera! Going away without some form of photographic equipment is a crime because you will cherish the memories in the future.


Yes, I know this seems extremely obvious but I am talking about suitable clothing. I find the easiest thing to do is go online and order some new clothes for your holiday that will suit the weather out there, you’ve spent so much on your holiday, why not treat yourself to a few new clothes? You can save money by using the great groupon vouchers. You’ll get a suitcase full of clothes for a great price!

Sun Protection

Make sure you stock up on some good sunscreen. We all want to get a good tan but out health should be the most important thing, there’s no need to look like a lobster after day one or at the airport on the way back. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat and a decent pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes. It’s better to have these in your bag rather than spending time over there trying to find them, that only uses up time when you should be enjoying yourself.


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