P&O Launches World Cruises in 2015

The world’s oldest cruise line is set to modernise once more with plans to launch two new world cruises in 2015. P and O stands for Pacific and Oriental (more commonly written P&O) and its cruises operate out of Britain. The company boasts of being the oldest still-operating cruise line in the world.

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Recently the organisation has undergone a certain amount of reshuffling, at the end of which P&O Cruises has seven ships in operation with a passenger capacity of almost 15,000 passengers.

The current fleet consists of the Adonia, Arcadia, Victoria, Aurora, Azura, Oceana, Oriana and Ventura.

The cruise line offers a large variety of cruises, including trans-Atlantic trips that start from Southampton and visit a number of the Caribbean islands, ending up in Barbados. The cruises last about 15 days; enough time for to satisfy tourists and those looking for pure relaxation. There are also cruises that have the same start and end destinations, but go through the Azores, for a slightly different experience.

The cruise line also offers short cruises of one or two nights, with visits to Belgium and ending at Southampton.

Future P&O Cruises Operations
Starting in 2015, P&O Cruises will be offering two world cruises that will visit a total of 38 countries and 69 destinations. The Arcadia will offer adult-only cruises starting from Southampton and sailing around the world, completing a circumnavigation of the globe in 106 nights. The Arcadia will visit Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines and the Hawaiian islands on the first leg of the trip, and will also stop at exotic locations such as San Francisco, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong and Honolulu, making it the ideal cruise for those who want variety ranging from historic sites to the most modern cities in the world.

The Aurora will take a slightly different route, visiting South America and the Pacific Islands for 105 nights. Extended calls will be in Rio, Montevideo, San Francisco and Sydney, providing ample opportunity to visit these iconic cities, and to enjoy some time with the family, or to meet new people.


The company will be hoping that these new routes will secure the survival of a company which boasts a history going back to the 19thcentury.


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