Lifestyle 101: A Healthy Head Is A Healthy Body

When it comes to our health, it is not all about the physical body. Our mind plays an important role in maintaining optimum performance and if we are poisoning out mind with negative food and thoughts then we will feel run down and lethargic.

There are many different ways to take your lifestyle from the negative to the positive and these are some tips that I recommend. Starting with the home where you wake up every day and unwind in the evening.

A Relaxing Home

Having a relaxing home will greatly benefit your mind and mood. Choosing light colours and brightening up rooms with inspiring art or images that make you happy is a good idea to get your mind on positive vibrations. A red shade makes the light incredibly romantic and flattering. This can be achieved with something like halloween candles, which usually come in orange and red. They can make an ambient and serene setting in any room with shades of light flickering throughout the walls to help you feel relaxed and at home.



The health benefits of Yoga have been utilised by eastern countries for hundreds of years. It improves posture, flexibility, blood flow, energy levels as well as overall muscle strength. Breathing exercises help to relax a worried and stressed out mind and get it back to its natural state: calm, focused, and sharp. To get the most out of Yoga you should either practice outside in nature or in a relaxing indoor setting. To decorate an indoor yoga studio why not include some decorative halloween candles.



When you start to practice meditation, you may feel a little out of sorts. You are trying to quiet your mind but it will wander more than you can imagine those first few times you sit down to tell it be quiet. As with all things worth attaining, it requires practise. It is impossible to pick up a guitar and just play some Jimmy Hendricks, in the same way you will not sit down to meditate and achieve blissful peace on your first try. There has never been anybody I have met who will say that they are worse off for meditating. It has been proven to improve focus and mental vitality. When setting out a space for meditation, you will want a warm and relaxing place to practice. Get yourself a nice meditation cushion, some halloween candles, incense and if you like to listen to meditation music – speakers for this.



Regular exercise will help to get the blood pumping and oxygen flowing through your veins. Even a brisk walk for thirty minutes every day is beneficial to your health. Find something that you like to do that you can start today. Try out different sports, yoga, martial arts or whatever activity you think you might like.


Many people do not realise how much a bad diet affects their minds power. You need to include a variety of ‘brain foods’ to keep the synapses firing at optimum levels. Just like exercise, this is all about experimentation. Find the foods you like and start incorporating them into your diet. Some of the best brain foods are Avocado, almonds, salmon, oily fish, blueberries, tomatoes, black-currants, pumpkin seeds and broccoli.


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