Top 5 Places to Visit in Benidorm

Due to the mountains that surround the town, Benidorm has a micro-climate that sees warm temperatures all year round. Having long shaken off the lager-lout image of the early ’90s, this is a wonderful destination and you can still get a cheap holiday to Benidorm if you look out for deals online. Here are five recommendations for any stay.

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Placa del Castell
Located in the old town of Benidorm, Placa del Castell is a beautiful and traditional collection of buildings and businesses, perfect for a skyline view of the whole area. An easy walk from any direction, the prominent cliff-like bluff has a number of excellent bars and restaurants. Even if you’re not staying in the Placa itself, this is a wonderful area to visit during the day and the evening.

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Peacock Island
A small islet just off the coast, la Isla de Benidorm is known colloquially as Peacock Island due to its wildlife. Boats travel back and forth, on the hour, allowing you to take as long as you like to enjoy the sights before catching the last launch back to the mainland.

Levante Beach
The Levante Club and Spa Hotel is a fantastic mixture of rest and relaxation, as well as providing all of the up-to-date business facilities necessary for a combination stay in Benidorm. The beach itself is always relatively quiet, and the nearby bars and restaurants offer a cool escape from the midday heat. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available to hire on a daily basis, or there is plenty of room for frequent travellers to take their own.

Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana
A Catholic church in the heart of the old town, Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana is situated on top of Canfali hill, built on the grave of the patron saint of Benidorm, Virgen del Sufragio. Historical attractions aside, the old quarter of the town boasts some of the most beautiful architectural glories of the region. As well as the views from Placa del Castell, this quirky neighbourhood has an interesting mix of sights, sustenance and shopping to keep you entertained.

Parque de Elche
This public area, by the Poniente Beach, is called the Beach of Doves. With quiet, tree-lined paths and a working fountain, Parque de Elcheis a beautiful oasis. You can buy feed for the birds from a small kiosk, kick back and relax on one of the numerous benches lining the street to the harbour.

No matter your reason for travelling there, a cheap holiday to Benidorm can be a wonderful break from the daily grind.


Images by miguel77 and En busca del sol used under creative commons licence

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