Exciting New Coffee Beans to Try Out

If you love coffee then this is a post for you and today we are going to talk in more detail abut some of the world’s greatest coffee beans. Those purists amongst you will no doubt have a coffee maker with grinder in your kitchen, or a grinder at the very least that you can use to prepare beans for roasting in your coffee maker. The important thing to remember is the wide variety in coffee taste from bean to bean, which is why it is a great idea to explore some different flavors from around the world, to find your perfect cup of coffee. Let’s take a look at some of the best beans out there


Kona Coffee Beans

Kona coffee beans from Hawaii are some of the finest beans which can be found on the planet. The taste and richness of flavor comes from the incredible microclimate which is found on Kona, with a perfect combination of rain and sun which gives great nutrients to the beans. This is an arabica coffee bean which is known for its taste of sweet herbs with a floral bouquet, with a nutty finish.

Blue Mountain Beans

Blue Mountain coffee beans are from Jamaica and they are sold in high end hotels and restaurants the world over. The taste of the beans is known for being clean with almost no bitterness, with a sweet and nutty taste. Blue Mountain beans may set you back however as there is a very limited production in order to maintain the quality of growing conditions. The harvest takes almost 10 months and 80% of the crop goes to Japan, leaving just 20% for the rest of us.

Kenyan AA

Most people will already know that Kenyan beans are some of the world’s finest and the AA is one of the best that you can get. The AA is the unit of measurement which indicates the largest beans, which are characterized thanks to the syrup-like texture of coffee they create, with acidic and fruity notes. These Arbica beans are best used in a drip coffee.

Sumatra Mandheling

These beans from Sumatra have everything that one could look for in a dark roast, they offer an earthy and mushroom-esque flavor with very little bitterness and a smooth finish. The name comes from the tribal people who live and farm in northern Sumatra, and who have created this almost unique dark roast which offers a real sweetness to the tongue.

Peaberry Beans

The Peaberry bean halls from Tanzania and is rather original in that when the coffee cherry is cracked, instead of 2 beans inside, with the Peaberry there is just one. This gives the beans a far denser flavor to them and they pack a scent of floral notes with hints of citrus and pineapple, and on the palate they offer a medium body with rich sweetness and a touch of fruit.

These are without doubt some of the finest beans in the world, and you can shop online and get your hands on them for your next coffee purchase.