3 Reasons People Are Loving Their New Dental Implants

For a while now dental implants have been seen as the number one thing to replace any missing teeth – they’re the next best thing to your real teeth. That’s because they have been shown to give much better results when compared to the other treatments available. Treatments such as bridges or dentures come in second place to dental implants because of appearance, satisfaction and also functionality.

Patients who have opted for dental implants love the results and can be seen leaving the surgery full of confidence, smiling again and ready to enjoy everyday activities for the first time in a long time. Simple things such as chewing become much easier when people have dental implants added to their mouth.

The great thing about an implant is that it replaces the root where your tooth used to be, and in time it becomes permanently connected to your jawbone. This has two main benefits; it makes sure the implant is anchored properly and also it will prevent any more bone loss because it will stimulate new bone.

Here are three of the main reasons that people are loving their new dental implants:

They Look Natural

Aesthetics are very important for all types of cosmetic dental treatment, and this is where dental implants really deliver. Once the post has been attached to the jawbone, the crown that is attached will naturally fit in and match the teeth that surround it. People can often see bridges or dentures, whereas implants are very difficult to spot.

They Are Comfortable

I can tell you from personal experience that when you get a dental implant you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience that you get with removable dentures. The implant looks, feels and will function just as your natural teeth did before – again, this is down to being fused together with the jaw bone. Implants are super comfortable and you never need to worry when eating, smiling or talking.

They Boost Confidence

One of the biggest things that people say about dental implants is that their confidence is boosted no-end. For some, including myself, the whole experience is life changing because with the new found confidence comes and improved social life. You feel happy eating anything you see, smiling brightly for special pictures and have peace of ming that they’re secure.

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