Top Places In The UK To Move To

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When it comes to moving and choosing a property, it can be difficult to pick the perfect area for you. Many people want to live somewhere close to their work, but with many people across the UK it sadly isn’t feasible due to the high cost of property in the likes of London or other big towns and cities. If you’re retired though – or you’re able to work from home much of the week – the possibility of finally getting that little house in the country you’ve always dreamt of is within reach. Here are the top places that are popular with those looking for affordable, country homes throughout the UK.


Cornwall is one of the UK’s most beautiful counties. With miles of coastline, interesting heritage and history galore, it’s no wonder so many want to live within the borders of this unique and beautiful area. Whether you’re living in Launceston or St Ives, St Austell or Truro, you can find affordable property for sale in Cornwall both in and out of towns and cities. While some parts of Cornwall have extremely high property prices such as St Ives, other cities like Truro are far more affordable. Pick your city or town – or even buy a property such as an acreage style home somewhere like the Lizard.


Yorkshire is an amazing place with hugely affordable housing. Whether you live in a city or town such as Knaresborough or Harrogate, Leeds or York, you will find something impressive for your budget. With so many rolling hills, back lanes and beautiful villages to explore all throughout the region, you will wonder why you didn’t move to Yorkshire sooner. With so much history and nature around your own backyard, you will find yourself spending hours during your weekends checking out all Yorkshire has to offer.


Wales is one of the most beautiful places in the UK with rugged coastlines, gorgeous mountain ranges and sandy beaches worth exploring. It’s got a deep medieval history and is home to many different old tales from the time of King Arthur and some of the mystique that surrounds the county shows this off in spades. For ideal spots for country getaways, consider the counties of Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire or Gwynedd.

With so many unique counties to explore and potentially buy a home in throughout the UK, the only question you will be left with is “which one”? There are many reasons to buy in the countryside, away from the big cities like London, Bristol, Manchester or Liverpool, and they all have to do with beautiful scenery, clean air and relaxation. Which will you choose?