3 Types Of Braces For Perfect Teeth

With major advances made in dental technology, it’s now very possible for your child to have a perfect smile. It’s also quick to achieve, discrete to do and super easy. From personal experience I can guarantee that when you get a new smile, you are full of a new found confidence – it really is life changing.

Your orthodontist will be able to talk you through the best type of braces for your child, the needs are different for all individuals.

Here’s our top three types of braces that will give your child the perfect smile:

Damon Metal Braces

The old traditional type of braces that we saw when we were kids used elastic ties which would hold the wire in position – they caused a lot of pain due to friction. They were also vulnerable to collecting a lot of plaque, anytime plaque builds up it will be unpleasant for the wearer. Damon braces are much more easy to wear because they have a unique mechanism which holds the wire in place. It makes it nicer for your kid, speeds up the time until completion and are much more modern. Kids love how they look because they are a lot less bulky that traditional metal braces.

Ceramic Bracket Braces

Very similar to Damon braces, ceramic brackets make the braces less noticeable in the mouth. This is because the brackets are made from ceramic material, making them clear and less obvious to others. They will stay in place for the whole duration of the treatment, so they work 24/7/365. The only downside that some users notes is that they clear ceramic can become stained – still a fantastic option if your kid wants less noticeable braces.

Invisible Braces

It’s pretty clear from the name that these braces are invisible to the naked eye, one big brand of these braces is Invisalign – a hugely popular treatment offered by orthodontists across the world. The braces are invisible and can be removed, but they will stay in the mouth for 20-22 hours each day, the only time they are removed is for cleaning and eating. A great way to help teenagers get the perfect smile, they’re not usually recommended for younger kids.

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