Tiny Diet Changes That Will Make A Huge Difference To Your Health

We don’t believe in dietary fads or the latest weight loss trends. In actual fact, these extreme diets can have a dangerous effect on your body and mind. Instead, we advocate a long-term, balanced diet. When you follow the hyped diet of the day, you’ll struggle to stick to it. It might cut weight in the short term, but it’s no use in the long run. And it’s no use to your overall health. (more…)

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Demand for specialised contractors key to 2014

The outlook for 2014 looks bright for contractors, especially those with niche skills. According to a recent Manpower report, the first quarter of this year is set to be very positive for contractors with specialised skills and qualifications.

Those who work within the information technology sector will do particularly well at the start of 2014, according the recruitment firm’s recent report.

With cloud technology set to really take off this year, any contractors with skills that relate to cloud security or have data governance skills will be widely sought after by clients across the UK.

However, it isn’t just the IT sector that is set create optimism among contractors, with eight per cent of employers expecting to hire new staff this year.

What’s more, some 48 per cent of employers said that they would look to take on more agency and temporary workers over Q1 of 2014, according to the latest JobsOutlook survey of employers from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

Some 38 per cent of businesses plan to increase the amount of agency workers they use throughout the year, further providing a positive outlook for contractors this year.

It stands to reason to assume that many of the firms that are looking to recruit temporary staff will need professionals that have specific skills and qualifications.

The report also says that employer optimism is a common theme regarding the year ahead, with 43 per cent of respondents predicting that 2014 will be much better than 2013.

One of the main reasons for Manpower’s optimistic predictions for 2014 is a skills shortage in the UK. The IT sector is suffering more than most in this regard.

Employers need contractors with a good mix of experience and skill to fulfill certain tasks, which is why any contractors in the IT sector should be looking forward to a good year.

With the economy showing the first signs of a tentative recovery, many businesses will be starting to think about the opportunities for growth that may come with it. However, due to the relative uncertainty in terms if the longevity of this recovery, employers could still be tentative when it comes to taking on new staff.

Contractors who want to take advantage of this may wish to maximise their time and efficiency by working through an umbrella company. For those asking the question ‘what is an umbrella company?” the answer is simple, it is a firm that takes care of the admin and financial aspect of freelancing so that a contractor can place more emphasis on their current contract.

This could work in the favour of contractors in the UK. According to the Professional Contractor Group’s 2011 report regarding the freelance workforce, employers can turn to contractors in times of economic uncertainty.

The reason for this being that contractors cost less (no sick or holiday pay to cover) and that a freelancer is available a temporary basis, meaning that if the economic climate does take a turn for the worst, a contract can be terminated with relative ease.

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Top 5 Natural Sites to Visit in Australia

Australia is a unique and diverse country, perfect for any kind of traveler. Whether you’re a backpacker or traveling with a family or partner, you’ll find a rewarding and memorable experience here. You can rent a house fast in Australia if you’d prefer to stay awhile; read here for more info. The country combines gorgeous natural landscapes, beaches and mountains with exciting cities and a friendly-laid back culture. If you’re a nature lover, don’t miss these top 5 sights to see in Australia while you’re here!


Kakadu National Park

If you’re a nature lover, you’re definitely in the right place visiting Australia. The natural scenery is mind-blowing and unlike anywhere else in the world. This national park is one of the largest in the country, and contains the most wildlife of any park here, as well as aboriginal rocks! You can check out awesome sites here like Gunlow Plunge Pool, Yellow Water and Billabong.

Island of Tasmania

Because of its incredible natural beauty, Tasmania is nicknamed “The Island of Inspiration.” And you’ll easily see why when you get here. Off the southern tip of Australia, it’s covered with mountains and rainforests at the southern end. Beautiful rivers, majestic waterfalls and of course endless stretches of gorgeous beaches make this a nature-lover’s paradise.

Great Barrier Reef

This one is a must-not-miss when you visit Australia! Whether or not you scuba dive, you have to explore this incredible, unique ecosystem. It’s one of the largest coral reefs in the world, home to many unique and endangered animals and plants that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. Check out the Whitsunday Islands for one of the best places to take off on a scuba diving excursion.

Great Ocean Road

If you get the chance to rent a car through Australia, you’ll be treated with some of the most scenic drives of your life. And this road, stretching 250 km down the southern coast of Australia, is one of the best stretches of road to drive. You’ll never experience such amazing ocean views anywhere else!

Daintree Rainforest

This rainforest is located near Queensland and is actually the largest in all of Australia. Here you can go on hikes, adventure tours and even hang out with crocodiles. It’s really one of the best places for nature lovers in the whole country. You can even taste some special fruits of the rainforest here.


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