What’s the best way to straighten my teeth?

There are plenty of solutions out there to straighten your teeth and achieve the perfect smile. It used to be retainers and metal braces were the only choices, but not technology has advanced a lot. You can now how invisible braces which will provide many benefits.

Invisalign get rid of many issues related to traditional metal braces and they also have many extra benefits too.

Here are 10 benefits you can look forward to when you opt to straighten your teeth using Invisalign.

Protect Your Teeth

If you’re one of those people that grind their teeth when they sleep then Invisalign will help. The trays also act as a guard which will protect both gums and teeth from any grinding.

Cosmetically They’re Better

If you don’t want people to know that you’re using braces then Invisalign is the choice for you, they’re much better than any other option when it comes to appearance.

It’s Easier To Clean

Due to the fact that the trays can be removed you are able to brush and floss with ease. There’s no need to worry about any food or bacteria building up – a common issue with metal braces.

Use The Trays For Whitening

The trays can also double up as whitening treatment, it’s easy to apply the substance to the trays.

More Comfort

With metal braces you’re almost always going to suffer from sore teeth, with Invisalign the chances of this happening are greatly decreased.

Treatment For Cross Bite

It has been proven that Invisalign is much more efficient at dealing with issues such as cross bites.

Less Irritation

Invisalign don’t have any of the brackets or wires that you’ll find on metal braces, so this will lower the chances of you cutting your mouth. There’s also less risk of sores or ulcers.

Eat More

When you have traditional metal braces fitted there is a big list of food that your dentist will tell you to avoid. With Invisalign you can eat what you want because you just take out the trays whenever you’re going to eat.

Special Events

We all know that there are lots of photos snapped at special events, often people with metal braces are shy to give a big smile for the camera. With Invisalign there’s no chance of braces getting in the way of your perfect smile.

For more information about Invisalign and other great treatments we recommend you contact a Cheltenham Orthodontist.

Here are their contact details:

Arden House Dental

232 London Road, Charlton Kings
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
GL52 6HW

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Why Marketing Is So Important For Your Business

If you have a business and you are not investing any money into marketing it then you are losing out on a great amount of success. We are actually living in a world now where industries are having to market that never had to in the past, in order to get more clients through the door, and more cash into the company. Take marketing for dentists for example, you would never have thought 20 years ago that this would be an industry that had to market, but everyone does these days. If you are not yet marketing your business then you need to address it as soon as possible, and here is why.


It Works

Marketing is not a ploy that has been devised by the advertising companies to get money out of you, this is a technique that actually works. Successful marketing campaigns will greatly boost your client list, and therefore bring in much more money through the doors.


Marketing is not like it used to be where radio, newspaper and TV ads were the only options. These days we have digital marketing which utilizes a large number of different techniques to get your business and its products into the faces of the customers.


The reason why marketing is so important is because there is more competition in business than ever before and if your competitors are marketing and you are not, they will be the ones who win. If you have a competitor that is not spending money on marketing then you have an opportunity to get one over on them, if they are, then you need to invest in order to keep up.

Cost Effective

Many business owners will speak about not having enough money win the business to spend on something like marketing, but it really shouldn’t be viewed as a cost, but rather an investment. For example if you invest in a social media marketing campaign, for a small amount of money you can market your business across the key social networks, thus boosting sales. The extra money which is brought in by a campaign such as this will more than cover whatever you have invested into marketing. Not all marketing techniques are guaranteed to work however, but there are some such as SEO which have an return on investment that is very favorable indeed.

Building a Brand

The way to find success in the world of business is not only to create great products and offer great service, but to be considered a great brand. In order to build a brand you need to use marketing so that everyone knows who your business is, what it does and most importantly, what it stands for. Brand power is everything in today’s world of business and through investing in marketing now, you can help to grow your brand for the future.

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How to Spend a Weekend in Vegas

If you only have a few days to spend in the wonderful city of Las Vegas then you are going to need to ensure that you have planned and prepared well. The truth is that you could comfortably spend over a fortnight in Vegas and still only just start to get to grips with how much is on offer in this impressive and iconic city. With that being said, we understand how tight people’s schedules can get, so if you do only have a few days to spend in the city, here are is a rough guide on how you can do it.


Day One

Once you are checked in to your hotel, the best bet is to head for the Big Tour bus, which is a hop on-hop off service which will give you the perfect introduction to the city. The guides on the bus are very knowledgeable and the ride will help you plan your attack for the rest of the weekend.

Once you get to the Bellagio hotel, or indeed back to the Bellagio, jump off for some good free fun. First you can take in the spectacular fountains out front and then head to the amazing botanical gardens, which are absolutely free.

Finally, finish your night with a great meal and a brilliant live show at the V theater, a great place for variety shows and beautiful food.

Day Two

Get up early and head out on a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon on only big day. Whilst this will take you away from the craziness of the strip, it makes sense to take in this amazing natural wonder. The tour will take around 4 hours in total, which means that you’ll be back at the hotel in time to enjoy a big Saturday night.

Around 4 or 5 pm is a great time to sample a casino, the MGM Grand is definitely the bets for beginners, spend a couple of hours here, and enjoy some snacks and a few drinks.

For your evening meal, the best place to go is the Stratosphere restaurant, north of the strip. This restaurant offers 360 degree views of the strip, and it revolves every 80 minutes. Once you have finished your food, finish the night with some fine wine in the Venetian hotel, as well as a little more action on the casino floor if you want.

Final Day

As tired as you may feel from the excesses of the night before, it is well worth getting up as early as possible on your final day to suck a little more out of your Vegas trip. For a late breakfast head to Dick’s Last Resort, a restaurant where the waiting staff are intentionally rude to you, a very fun affair indeed. As  your final act in Vegas before heading home, why not take a gondola around the canals of the Venetian hotel, and then walk one last tour of the strip before heading to the airport.

A weekend is possible in Vegas, but there is so much to do that you are bound to be back again soon.

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How You And Your Partner Can Take Sex To The Next Level

Sex is a very important aspect of every relationship and it is something which should be enjoyed and cherished. Whether you are making love to your partner, passionately fornicating or trying out something a little more kinky, it is essential that couples are always looking for ways that they can take their sex to the next level, in order to keep it fresh and exciting. Failure to give enough attention to your bedroom antics can lead to the health of the relationship being damaged, so this is why we have brought you some great ways in which you can take sex to the next level, and ensure that you and your partner have no issues with intimacy.


Toys and Games

Sex shouldn’t always be something that we take so seriously, and having a bit of fun with it can really help you to get more from the experience overall. Why not think about introducing some toys then, to add some real fun to proceedings? Each person will enjoy different stimulus of course but toys such as anal beads, vibrators and penis rings work very well for a lot of people, and help them to have a far more pleasurable experience from sex. These toys do not only enhance the pleasure which you will experience, but the entire process of buying and trying out these products, is something which you and your partner can do together, from start to finish.

Watching Porn

For man people watching porn whilst they make love is something which really helps to add to the orgasm for both parties. Speak with your partner first about this, find out what kind of thing they like to watch and then make a decision together as to what kind fo genre you will watch. To begin with simply watch the videos together, perhaps with some slight touching, as the tension begins to rise, many couples like to mimic what they are watching, which can offer a wonderful experience. This is a very easy addition to the bedroom, which could help you to have a far stronger orgasm.


Tantric sex is not for everyone but if you are able to relax and enjoy it, you will have a very fulfilling experience indeed. The idea of tantric sex is to look at sex as more than simply penetration, it is a far more deeper and spiritual experience that just this. During a tantric sex session, you will learn more than you ever thought possible about both your body and the body of your partner. The idea is that through the stimulation of the many erogenous zones throughout the body, you and your partner will be able to reach a climax which is far stronger than you would have felt through traditional sex positions. There is a huge amount of information which you can find online about tantric sex, so why not give it a try!

Use these tips and you can be sure to take your sexual endeavors to the next level.

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Five Things You Did Not Know About the History of Pinball Machines


Like a considerable number of people, you may routinely find yourself on the lookout for some unique additions to your residence, items that will add a unique flavor to your home décor. When it comes to something that adds a dash of unique style to any number of rooms in a residence, a pinball machine can prove to be an interesting addition.

At first blush, you may dismiss the idea of adding a pinball machine to your home, unless you are outfitting a game room. Understanding that reality, if you knew a number of historical and other facts about pinball and pinball machines, you likely will find yourself eager to be on the hunt for the perfect one to grace your residence.

Add a Pinball Machine to Your Residence and You’re in Royal Company

The development of pinball machines are tightly connected to the long reign of French King Louis XIV. He was the royal who was also responsible for building the magnificent Palace of Versailles.

During the time Louis XIV was on the throne, of number of outdoor games were brought inside. These included bocce and lawn bowling. In time, these games were raised from being played on the floor of royal residences to tabletops. This resulted in what ultimately developed into billiards.

Eventually, and still during the reign of Louis XIV, some billiard tables narrowed and ended up having wooden pins or skittles located at one end, affixed to the tabletop itself. Near these wooden pins or skittles were holes. The objective was to send a small ball from one end of the table to the other, have it bounce off a pin or skittle and into a hole.

Sometime after the King passed, a final innovation was added to the game that resulted in it being quite like what is seen even today, absent the abundance of bells and whistles. That final innovation was the addition of plunger connected to coiled spring. The plunger was used to shoot the player’s across the board.

The Birth of the “Modern” Pinball Machine

The machinations during and somewhat after the reign of Louis XIV did give rise to what really was an honest predecessor to the pinball machine we have today. Historians and pinball enthusiasts trace the actual birth of the modern machine to the United States in 1869.

It was in 1869 that British inventor, who immigrated to the States, obtained a patent for his own tabletop game that had all the essential foundational elements of a pinball machine like we see even today.

Electrified Pinball Machines

At about the time rural electrification was running apace across the country in the 1930s, pinball machines also saw the introduction of electrification. In addition, it was also in the mid-1930s that the side bumpers on pinball machines became active. A player could use them to keep a ball in play or shoot to manoeuvre it towards a target hole.

The types of flippers seen in games today became a part of pinball machines in the late 1940s. The addition of flippers added an enhanced skill component to the game. In other words, practice and skill mattered when it came to playing pinball by the end of World War II.

Solid State Electronics and Digital Displays

The 1970s proved to be another juncture in time when pinball machines saw major changes. It was at this time that pinball machines saw the introduction of solid state electronics as well as digital displays.

Despite these advances in regard to pinball machines, this was also the time when the era of the video game started. No matter how rudimentary, video games released during late 1970s and into the 1980s caused pinball machines to be placed on something of a proverbial back burner.

The Digital Age of Pinball

In time, and by the 1990s, interest in pinball machines saw something of a rebirth. By the turn of the century, the pinball machine market was no longer dominated by the large manufacturers of years gone by. Rather, pinball machines were produced, and continue to be manufactured, by smaller boutique outfits.

In the final analysis, if you want to consider adding a pinball machine to a space in your home, you have a wide selection to chose from even when you focus only on the different eras in which the modern version of the game, and its predecessors, existed. From antique games to modern derivations, it is a fair statement that when it comes pinball machine possibilities for a residence, there is something for everyone.

Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more!


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How To Find A Family Friendly Car

Online marketplaces have become the new trend in buying cars. You can learn about safety features, do online comparisons, and read customer reviews before going to talk to a dealer. However, some websites don’t give you all the tools you need in order to find the right family friendly car for you and your family. Before you decide to head to the dealership there are some great tips and research online that can help you find the best family friendly car. Here’s now to access all of the information you need and more before buying your next car.


Buy With Car Seats In Mind

One of the most important details to a family and their car can often be just how easy it is to install a car seat. Car seat safety is really important for child passengers. According to Traffic Safety Marketing, “Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13. Many times, deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats, boosters and seat belts.” Cars.com recently conducted their own grueling car seat checks and here’s what they found: https://www.cars.com/articles/2013/09/how-carscom-conducts-car-seat-checks/.


How Important Are Safety & Recall Notices

Not only can you read and watch a video about car seat checks, you can also read up on the latest safety and recall notices with Cars.com. Safety and recall notices are made public knowledge by each manufacturer daily, but often might not make national news. The best way to stay up to date on all the defaults and safety recalls is to keep Cars.com in mind. You can search by make and model or even browse the latest recalls. One of the most common recalls can be due to airbags.


Learning More About Airbags

When it comes to airbags and buying a car, the best way to keep it family friendly is to research car manufacturers that implement the latest airbag checks and tests. For instance, side airbags are now tested with an “out of position” test. Kids can move around or get “out of position” when it comes to car seats and seat belts. Many car manufacturers have realized this makes airbags more a danger than safety feature. This might be a great way to find the family friendly car you’re looking for, that way you drive home in something you know is safe for small children.


Download The App

Once you’ve found the family friendly cars that offer the safety features you want in a new vehicle, you should download the Cars.com app. Available for iPhones and Androids, the app helps you compare cars at a dealership with nearby inventory. You’ll also get push notifications to your phone, so you know you are getting the best car at the right price. When it comes to buying a new or used car, Cars.com makes it easy and affordable to put your family in a safe vehicle for years to come.

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Fun activities that can help pass the time


Have you ever felt like the 15 minutes that you spend waiting in the doctor’s office feels more like two hours? Maybe you have to take road trips for work and have insipid conversations with co-workers. Perhaps you just want something fun to do on your lunch break. If so, it’s time to look into all the great ways to entertain yourself and others. Here are some fun activities that can help pass the time.

By yourself

If you are killing some time on your own, you are probably already familiar with e-readers, videos, online shopping, and social media. Having time to yourself is also a great time to learn. If you have always wanted to speak Italian, you can find free apps that will teach you everything from basic phrases to verb conjugation. If you like to dance, you can learn the samba, tango, waltz, and more.

If you want to expand your knowledge of philosophy, history, or collectible plates, you can find many free online university courses that will teach you in lessons as short as ten minutes. You can find a TED talk or a podcast about a real-life murder mystery. If you have always wanted to learn how to knit or fish, find a tutorial video or article.

Don’t forget about all the game websites. If you go to www.onlinecasino.net, you will find reviews of online casino websites. By perusing the offerings, you can find the perfect place to play blackjack, poker, and more.

If you like to write, or document your life, find a diary app and start writing. There are apps that will allow you to add photos, so you can combine travel photos with your daily diary entries.

Finally, a great way to make use of downtime is to do something quiet and reflective. Get a cup of tea, find a cozy chair, and reflect on happy thoughts. Do a quick meditation or visualization exercise.

With others

If you have to spend time with others and have run out of conversation topics, try some “I spy” games, such as calling out license plates from different states, objects beginning with specific letters of the alphabet, or things that are specific colors.

It may sound corny, but get the gang singing. This can be you and your family, or you and your co-workers. Strike up a round of “Three Blind Mice” with the kids, or pick out your favorite 70s tunes for the grown-ups. You can make a mix CD of upbeat tunes so that you’re all in a great mood when you arrive at your destination. For an added challenge, have everyone in the car make up their own short song.

If you are tired of doing the same thing every time that you have a few free minutes, rest assured that there are activities to expand your mind and create new experiences for you and your friends. Use your imagination and some online resources and have a great time.


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First movie released on Netflix

Netflix has recently released an original movie called “Okja”, directed by South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho. The movie will definitely soften audiences around the world with its endearing and stylish satire on environmentalism, companionship and the cattle industry. Released in June, 2017, the movie has already competed for the Palme D’Or in the main competition section.

The movie plot is around the heart-warming tale of a girl and her giant mutant pig; that looks like a mixture of a hippo and a pig. The animal was brought to life through a mix of digital effects and puppetry. The story is also about the animal rights activists battling a Monsanto-like corporation. They want to turn pigs in a batch whipped up by genetic scientists, into a poster animal for an innovative line of meat products. The company’s aim is to create the largest and tastiest pigs and take advantage of them by selling the meat.

A devastated Mija; the carer of the animal is hellbent on saving and bringing back her fellow companion to the mountains. During her journey to Seoul to find Okja, Mija manages to escape with her. She’s eventually saved by the AFL (Animal Liberation Front). Their plan is to put a recording device in the animal’s ear and let her be re-seized by Mirando Corp.  The AFL wants to show how cruelly they treat their animals. Mija asks them to bring her back to the mountains, however their translator deliberately lies. This led the group to believe that Mija agrees with their plan. Okja is recaptured!

In the meantime, videotape of Okja and Mija running on the streets of Seoul are all over the internet. Lucy Mirando, the CEO of the Mirando Corporation bears the cost for Mija to come to New York to be reunified with her pig onstage. That’s her way to do damage control! Okja is forced to breed with another super pig. Will Okja return to where she belongs? Is Mija going to succeed in her mission to rescue her pig? Watch the movie on Netflix to find out more!

Even though the film features plenty of heavy hitting satire concerning the food industry, it does not strike the audience as vegan propaganda. The target issue of this movie is rather the two-faced personality of “caring capitalist”. Regardless of the controversial undertone of the film, it has been well received by viewers. It’s audience rating is 86% and 84% overall on Rotten Tomatoes.

Enjoy further of the jungle-like setting on Pixies of the Forest Slot on kittybingo.com. This thrilling slot machine is a creation of the well-known provider IGT. The setting is based in a forest where resides the little pixies. Watch their magical tricks as they award great winnings throughout the series of features. Like free spins, wild, tumbling reels and Connected Lines. Start your adventure on the highly entertaining game with an exceptional bonus and free spins. This adventure will be as magical as Okja’s stay with Mija in the beautiful mountains!



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The Best Adventure Travel Destinations


Adventure travel is fast becoming something that people are looking to for their holidays, people want to get a little bit of a thrill on their holidays and I must agree that it is a great approach to travel. This is especially the case when you consider that travel is about experiencing something new and getting a little bit of a kick from it (or a lot in the places I will list below). Read on to find out some of my favourite adventure travel destinations.


The question has probably crossed your mind before “Can I go to Antarctica?”, the answer is thankfully that yes you absolutely can travel there. This is one of my absolute favourite destinations for adventure travel, because it is quite literally filled with it. You can things like kayaking, swimming and even camping on the continent itself. How many people can say that they have done this? When you combine this with the stunning wildlife, like whales, many types of penguins and seal, you have an incredible destination and an incredibly unique landscape that you won’t be able to see elsewhere. You can read more about the animals and landscape that you can find there. The question now is not if, but when can I go to Antarctica, so definitely look into going to the end of the earth, it was for me the most unforgettable winter destination ever. 

Going coast to coast in the USA

To my mind, this is one of the most amazing adventure trips that you could possibly do in your life. There’s nothing better than traveling in an RV, our time in RV parks in Tucson were some of the best we’ve had. We all often think about traveling to the States and getting out on the open road and this is the way to experience it all. Driving 5,000 kilometres is no easy feat, but with plenty of adventure guaranteed along the way you can’t go wrong. There is so much to experience, such as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee and so many more parks and other attractions.

Hiking the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Do as the Incas did hundred of years ago and hike the Inca Trail all the way to Machu Picchu. This amazing three day hike is a testament to the toughness of the Inca people and coming across the relatively untouched Machu Picchu is simply amazing. The hike is very up and down and is in the middle of the mountains, the trail is also narrow, but it is a thrilling way to reach a fantastic place at the end. There is no wonder that this 15th century Inca citadel is one of the wonders of the modern world. The amazing architecture and ingenuity of the Inca people is something to marvel at, as well as their devotion to their sun god, which can be seen in part at the site.

The Northern Lights in Iceland

Every person traveling to Iceland has the Northern Lights at the top of their bucket list. These incredible lights, which are also known as the Aurora Borealis, form an almost living rainbow in the night sky. The colours move and you can see blues, purples, greens and reds. It truly is an amazing site and many people even have the job to actually bring others to find the lights. This is something of an adventure in itself. Aside from this you can also enjoy many other things in Iceland, like the amazing lava fields, the Blue Lagoon and various other beautiful natural sights.

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5 Benefits Of A Supply Chain Consultant


Hiring a good supply chain consultant can be extremely beneficial for any established or expanding business that is looking to optimise their supply chain as effectively as possible. Read on to find out more about just some of the reasons why you should hire a supply chain consultant.


Expert Knowledge

The first and probably the most important benefit of a consultation is that they have expert knowledge, they will have generally seen a number of scenarios and encountered various problems. A good consultant will have a feel for the main issues that arise and more importantly how to deal with them efficiently and effectively. A good example of this is knowledge of supply chain management software and which one will fit the specific needs of a particular business in a particular industry.


Communication skills

Another vital skill of supply chain consultants is that they are expert communicators and can discuss aspects of a supply chain that allow them to hash out problems that exist. They can use this as well as data to determine the reality of certain problems and can see if these issues need to be addressed.


Goal Orientated

Consultants have a focus on goals and their is a direct correlation between their reputation and the success of your business. When they have a poor reputation, their business will suffer and businesses will naturally not hire them. They need to be constantly striving for success and this is typical of consulting businesses.



One of the biggest benefits of a supply chain consultant is that they are totally focused on spending time in optimising your business. It can be extremely difficult to identify particular problems in the way your supply chain is working, particularly if you do not have every specific detail of everything. Supply chain consultants have the time and thoroughness to actually work through and identify these problems and then propose a solution. They also have the time to communicate with various departments to identify problems that managers may not have the time or resources to deal with.



Another benefit of hiring a consultant is that they are for the most part impartial and will not make decisions about a business that are based on emotion or company politics. Their sole reason for being there is to weed out any issues and optimise the supply chain for maximal efficiency.


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