Top 4 Apps For The Business Traveler

Travel can be stressful. A lot of factors come into play such as flight times, different languages, airport transits and more. If you’re a luxury business traveler looking to avoid stress and annoyance that can be caused during travel and also keep up with your business activity, there are smartphone apps that can help serve the purpose.

Work from anywhere
Work from anywhere

Whether you’re heading to Miami or Berlin, smartphone apps will help you to run your business right of the box and carry out numerous other tasks as well.

Here are the top 4 smartphone apps for the luxury business traveler:

1.  SayHi Translate

Most businessmen and women need to be proficient with their communication skills in order to successfully rise to the top. Many try to improve communication skills and linguistic capability through professional training – which is very beneficial to all professionals. However, if you’re not looking for a professional communication trainer, then look to SayHi Translate.

It includes 40 different languages and dialects, and features the most important languages used in business-based countries like Chinese, Australian English and French.

SayHi Translate works on iPhone and iPad and requires Wi-Fi or mobile data internet connection to function. The simple, easy to use interface makes the app all more appealing. You just need to talk to the app and it will translate the spoken language into the language of your client or business partner.

2.  AwardWallet

AwardWallet will help you to keep track of your loyalty programs during travel. It brings all your frequent flier miles, credit card points and any other loyalty credentials in a single place and it even works without an internet connection.

The app also lets you connect to the internet to check your current balance. The latest version of the app features all account updating with a single tap.

You’re given a detailed view of each reward program, letting you see if there is anything you can go for in rewards and points that have already been applied.

3.  Sygic GPS Navigation

There’s a possibility that you may face difficulty in finding your way through for a business meeting in a remote city, but Sygic GPS Navigation will make sure that you get there on time.

The app works in an offline mode and most of the maps are on local storage, so when there’s no internet connection or you face issues with the local carrier internet, you’re not left hanging.

The app presents color maps and as many alternative routes as it can discover from your present location to your destination. It also offers voice directions (turn-by-turn navigation). Sygic GPS Navigation works with iPhone and Android phones.

4.  Splid

Splid is like your insurance against unpleasant experiences. It will allow you to file claims against difficult situations and get you compensation in return. It’s an audio and video app which can’t be used to edit any of the files.

This may sound like a limitation, but it’s the concept on which the app is based on. For example, the argument of who you file claim against accuses you for modifying the image or file, the accusation can’t exist as the files can’t be edited in anyway.

You can use the app to record bad quality food, poor room customer service or client agreements for later use and save the files to the cloud. Splid will act as original, unedited evidence in important situations. This app is available for iPhone and iPad.


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