Tips on What to Look For in a New Dentist 


After moving to Chester last year we had to completely start again in terms of finding schools for the kids, local activities to get involved with, tradesmen and of course a new dentist. Looking for a Chester dentist threw up a huge amount of options and so we had to start whittling down those choices and settle on one which would suit the whole family. It isn’t until you have to look for a new dentist that you really start to think abut what kind of dentist you want, and it took a while to get right. If you have also just moved or you are simply looking for a new dentist, here are some tips on making the right choice. 




Unless you have found a superb dentist which is worth traveling to then I would recommend that you choose a dentist with a great location. Going to the dentist is hardly a treat and this is made even worse when you have to drive a long distance or sit in traffic ahead of your appointment. Try therefore to find a dentist which is as close to home as possible, giving you and the family great convenience. 


Dental Services Offered


Depending on your needs or the needs of your family you may require a dentist who does more than just the standard check-up and basic proceeders. Once you have a list of local dentists, take a look into what kind of services they have available. If a dental service offers every treatment under the sun then I would approach with caution as there is slim chance that they deliver each one to a high standard. What you are looking for here is a dentist which suits your needs whether it be offering veneers and whitening treatments, or offering a basic level of hygiene and care. 


Speed of Appointment 


Everyone gets frustrated when they can’t get a dental appointment quickly and so you should look into how fast you can get one at each of your choices. New patients are usually given priority at a dental practice in order to secure their custom and this can help you ascertain how quickly you may be able to get an appointment going forward. If you are told any more than 3 days for your very first appointment then you can expect to be waiting far longer once you are registered with them. 




If you have a couple of dentists left after whittling down your list then the best case of action is to get a check-up at each one, if you have a family then you can make an appointment for each member to avoid having to get a number of check-ups yourself. During the appointment you should be looking at the customer service you are given, the care and patience of the dentist and they should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. 


Spend a bit of time on this to make sure that you get the right fit for your family.