How to Keep Your Teeth Looking Fantastic

It’s common for people to feel anxious about their teeth, with many having a fear of going to the dentist. Developing a few healthy habits, however, can make your next dental visit a far more enjoyable experience and allow you to preserve a beautiful smile. Here are five tips for keeping your teeth looking fantastic.

Stay Hydrated

Being properly hydrated throughout the day is great for your overall health. Many people are unaware, however, that hydration also helps with dental health. Drinking regularly prevents dry mouth, which is a risk factor for cavities and other dental problems. Furthermore, drinking tap water regularly ensures your teeth receive the right amount of fluoride, which strengthens your teeth and fights against cavities. Regularly drinking water also removes sugar and other components that can decay and damage your teeth.

Avoid Smoking

Although it’s common knowledge that smoking poses a number of health risks, many don’t know just how bad it can be for oral health. Smoking can stain teeth, harming your smile and making your teeth look less healthy. The biggest dental risk from smoking, however, is the increased risk of gum disease. Severe gum disease can make your gums look unsightly, and it can cause loose teeth or even tooth loss. Consider making the switch to vape due to the reduced damage to your teeth. Companies like ZampleBox make the switch from smoking to vaping easy thanks to a medley of interesting flavors and concentrations. If you need extra motivation to quit smoking, remember that it will prevent further harm to your smile.

Brush the Right Way

Proper brushing technique is critical for making the most out of your brushing routine. Make sure to relax your mouth when brushing to better reach your back teeth. Brush along the gum line; doing so helps keep your gums free of bacteria and disease. It’s worth noting that brushing too heavily and too frequently can actually remove enamel from your teeth, so focus on consistency over excessive brushing. Many people doze off when receiving brushing instructions while receiving a teeth cleaning. Pay attention next time you get a cleaning, and feel free to ask your hygienist or dentist if you have any questions.

Flossing and Tongue Health

Brushing your teeth is the primary defense against tooth decay, but there are places your toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing removes otherwise inaccessible bits of food and plaque. Flossing doesn’t have to be a chore, and many dentists recommend flossing while watching television. Increasingly, dentists are encouraging patients to invest in tongue scrapers and cleaners. Keeping your tongue clear helps eliminate bacteria from your mouth and can improve your breath while helping maintain your smile.

Focus on Nutrition

Proper nutrition will improve your general health, but many people don’t realize just how much it can improve your dental health as well. Avoiding sugars keeps your teeth from being coated by quick-decaying material, and replacing soft drinks with healthier options reduces the impact of corrosive acids on your teeth. Again, hydration can help. Drinking a glass of water after a sugary treat or soda can help remove harmful substances.

Maintaining your smile is a lifelong process, but it’s never too late to start developing healthy habits and preserving the aesthetics and function of your teeth. Fortunately, most dental health habits are easy to maintain over time, and a bit of perseverance can make them second nature.