How To Deal With A Failing Company

exit strategy

At some point or another, most entrepreneurs and small business owners will have to learn how to deal with a failing company. Trying to reverse the financial fortunes of a business that is failing can be extremely testing and trying, though ultimately rewarding if you succeed. The most important thing to remember is that swift action is vital and will give you the best chances of reviving your business.

Here we take a look at a few ways in which you should handle a failing company as you attempt to avoid insolvency.

exit strategy

Identify & Isolate Problems

The first step in halting a business’ descent into collapse is to identify the problems that have caused it to fail and try and isolate them from those parts of the business that are working well. You don’t want to radically change every aspect of the organisation in an effort to prevent it from failing only to find out that you’ve inadvertently altered things that could have helped it succeed. Be careful how you handle any issues within the business, but make sure you don’t leave it too long before acting.


Prevent It From Happening Again

Once you have identified a problem and implemented measures that should help the business recoup, it’s vital that you also move to create safeguards against similar problems occurring in the future. This is essentially learning from your mistakes and ensuring that you don’t suffer in their hands again in the future. Such safeguards may consist of simple structural changes within the company, more effective and thorough means of exchanging information and letting everyone in the business know what’s happening, or making cuts and streamlining certain aspects of the company. A good manager will ensure that no mistake is made twice and that they learn from the errors of their ways.


Create an Exit Strategy

Finally, if your company is struggling, it’s a good idea to have an exit strategy in place just in case the worst really does happen. What this strategy is will depend on your personal circumstances and preferences. Some entrepreneurs would rather sell a struggling business at a loss than lose their business completely.


Others would rather look to a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) via insolvency experts as a means to save their business. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you aren’t caught unprepared.

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