Five Cool Things to Do Abroad

Many people go abroad just for the experience of travel. There are many specific reasons you can use to take yourself abroad outside of just wanting to. Going abroad with a specific interest in mind can make your trip unforgettable. Below are just a few ideas of what you can do abroad that most people may not think of and are sure to be life long memory.


This may be the most obvious on the list and probably the most popular. Newlyweds regularly take to a vacation after getting married to celebrate their recent commitment alone in their own private slice of paradise. Not only is a cute way to celebrate marriage but it can also be a good first test as a new married couple! A few days alone on a trip is a great way to test your patience for each other.

Get Married

Before you honeymoon you have to get married. Why not get married abroad? Destinations, although growing in popularity, are still quite uncommon. There is no better way to remember a place than to get married there. Your marriage is arguably, depending on who you are, the most important day of your life and to experience that in a foreign land is bound to be incredible. One thing to consider is that you don’t want disaster to strike, such as terrible weather, because you aren’t likely to get everyone out of the country a second time to watch your nuptials!

Live Abroad


Taking the plunge to live abroad for a while is a step up from traveling through places. While traveling through is a great way to see a lot, living abroad is a great way to really know a place. Check out leases or even look to buy if you have the means. There is no way to know a place better than to fully immense yourself for an extended period of time. Who knows, you may like it so much you may never come back.

Go For A Hike

This doesn’t mean your run of the mill day hike, but take a trip to another land and get in touch with nature. There are great mountains and trails all over the world that are unique and incredible. This can be anything from walking the Welsh countryside to summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. Adventure is out there and its just up to you to find it and take hold of it. Doing a specialized hike will test you will, endurance, athleticism, and strength. There will be nothing more rewarding than conquering a challenge in a foreign place.


Everyone likes to give back. There is no better place to give back than a disadvantaged community elsewhere in the world. Not only will learn how much you can contribute to the global process but you can be an ambassador to another nation and show how friendly people from your home are. Someone always has it worse than you is a phrase I like to hold on to. There are places that don’t have to access to basic needs such as clean water or basic schooling. You can help change that by donating your time, skills, and manpower.

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