Fun activities that can help pass the time


Have you ever felt like the 15 minutes that you spend waiting in the doctor’s office feels more like two hours? Maybe you have to take road trips for work and have insipid conversations with co-workers. Perhaps you just want something fun to do on your lunch break. If so, it’s time to look into all the great ways to entertain yourself and others. Here are some fun activities that can help pass the time.

By yourself

If you are killing some time on your own, you are probably already familiar with e-readers, videos, online shopping, and social media. Having time to yourself is also a great time to learn. If you have always wanted to speak Italian, you can find free apps that will teach you everything from basic phrases to verb conjugation. If you like to dance, you can learn the samba, tango, waltz, and more.

If you want to expand your knowledge of philosophy, history, or collectible plates, you can find many free online university courses that will teach you in lessons as short as ten minutes. You can find a TED talk or a podcast about a real-life murder mystery. If you have always wanted to learn how to knit or fish, find a tutorial video or article.

Don’t forget about all the game websites. If you go to, you will find reviews of online casino websites. By perusing the offerings, you can find the perfect place to play blackjack, poker, and more.

If you like to write, or document your life, find a diary app and start writing. There are apps that will allow you to add photos, so you can combine travel photos with your daily diary entries.

Finally, a great way to make use of downtime is to do something quiet and reflective. Get a cup of tea, find a cozy chair, and reflect on happy thoughts. Do a quick meditation or visualization exercise.

With others

If you have to spend time with others and have run out of conversation topics, try some “I spy” games, such as calling out license plates from different states, objects beginning with specific letters of the alphabet, or things that are specific colors.

It may sound corny, but get the gang singing. This can be you and your family, or you and your co-workers. Strike up a round of “Three Blind Mice” with the kids, or pick out your favorite 70s tunes for the grown-ups. You can make a mix CD of upbeat tunes so that you’re all in a great mood when you arrive at your destination. For an added challenge, have everyone in the car make up their own short song.

If you are tired of doing the same thing every time that you have a few free minutes, rest assured that there are activities to expand your mind and create new experiences for you and your friends. Use your imagination and some online resources and have a great time.