First movie released on Netflix

Netflix has recently released an original movie called “Okja”, directed by South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho. The movie will definitely soften audiences around the world with its endearing and stylish satire on environmentalism, companionship and the cattle industry. Released in June, 2017, the movie has already competed for the Palme D’Or in the main competition section.

The movie plot is around the heart-warming tale of a girl and her giant mutant pig; that looks like a mixture of a hippo and a pig. The animal was brought to life through a mix of digital effects and puppetry. The story is also about the animal rights activists battling a Monsanto-like corporation. They want to turn pigs in a batch whipped up by genetic scientists, into a poster animal for an innovative line of meat products. The company’s aim is to create the largest and tastiest pigs and take advantage of them by selling the meat.

A devastated Mija; the carer of the animal is hellbent on saving and bringing back her fellow companion to the mountains. During her journey to Seoul to find Okja, Mija manages to escape with her. She’s eventually saved by the AFL (Animal Liberation Front). Their plan is to put a recording device in the animal’s ear and let her be re-seized by Mirando Corp.  The AFL wants to show how cruelly they treat their animals. Mija asks them to bring her back to the mountains, however their translator deliberately lies. This led the group to believe that Mija agrees with their plan. Okja is recaptured!

In the meantime, videotape of Okja and Mija running on the streets of Seoul are all over the internet. Lucy Mirando, the CEO of the Mirando Corporation bears the cost for Mija to come to New York to be reunified with her pig onstage. That’s her way to do damage control! Okja is forced to breed with another super pig. Will Okja return to where she belongs? Is Mija going to succeed in her mission to rescue her pig? Watch the movie on Netflix to find out more!

Even though the film features plenty of heavy hitting satire concerning the food industry, it does not strike the audience as vegan propaganda. The target issue of this movie is rather the two-faced personality of “caring capitalist”. Regardless of the controversial undertone of the film, it has been well received by viewers. It’s audience rating is 86% and 84% overall on Rotten Tomatoes.

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