When school’s out, cleaners are in!

As the academic year is drawing to a close, many universities will start planning the cleaning that needs to be done over the summer break.

This immense task must be carried out every year in order to make sure the facilities are ready to be used again. It also ensures the educational establishment makes a good impression on the next lot of students to pass through the doors.

Plan ahead

The sheer size of the task means that it has be planned ahead – absolutely nothing can be left until the last minute. Repainting accommodation or revamping the library can be very disruptive to staff and students alike, which means it must be done when the campus is quiet.

Each department should make a note of any cleaning or maintenance work that needs to be undertaken so that this can be addressed when the university is almost empty.

Business managers will also need to find out what areas of the university will still be in use over the summer break. For example, some student halls rent out empty bedrooms to international students during July and August and some establishments host summer schools.

Hit the ground running

As soon as the students have left the campus, a contract cleaning company should be brought in to address any big jobs that need to be done, such as deep cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleaners employed by the university should be quick to fall into a routine to make sure all tasks are complete before the start of the new academic year.

They should systematically work their way through halls of residence, which will allow them to make a note of any maintenance issues that need to be addressed and record if anything is missing from flats. This means that any furniture needed can be ordered sooner rather than later.

Ensure the university is fully equipped

It is vital that all classrooms and lecture theatres are fully equipped so each student can have a comprehensive learning experience during their time at university.

Business managers need to know what equipment or furniture is missing so that this can be ordered and delivered in time for the next academic year.

Students are unlikely to think the teaching will be of a good quality if their classrooms lack computers, projectors or an adequate amount of seating.

Invest in the best cleaning tools

To clean an entire university campus to a high standard, the best tools need to be used. Sometimes the old reliables, like the humble brush and mop, just won’t do.

The university should invest in cleaning technology, such as an industrial strength machine that can simultaneously scrub and dry the floor. This is a more efficient way of cleaning as it significantly reduces the time it takes to properly sanitise large areas.

A fresh start

Perfectly shiny floors, hygienically cleaned bathrooms, fully equipped classrooms and tidy student halls will ensure that anybody who walks through the doors of the university forms a good first impression.

The summer break, as well as any other scheduled academic holiday, present perfect opportunities to undertake big cleaning jobs and allow cleaners to refresh the campus.