How I Save Money Booking Hotels With Bonwi

Travelling is a drain on the wallet, everyone knows that, but it’s oh so tempting to just take off on a trip to some far flung destination with your special someone to relax, unwind or to celebrate a special milestone. With travel easier than ever these days, more and more people are looking for ways to lessen the impact on their pocketbooks, but many don’t know about some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to scoring special deals on flights, hotels and car rentals.

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When it comes to deals, booking through sites like Bonwi is the best move you could possibly make. With a points system that allows you to accumulate points with every booking through the site, you will find it takes no time at all to build up a stash that you can use for future trips, potentially saving you thousands of pounds when you want to jet set on that long sought after destination.

Sound interesting? Check out these other ways I save money by booking hotels with Bonwi.

Redeeming Points

Redeeming points with Bonwi is easy and simple. All you have to do is click ‘Redeem Points’ and then search for your destination and room type and pay with your points. It’s easy-peasy and you will still collect points even if you’re redeeming them for a hotel room or a car rental. Awesome, right? I always love using Bonwi for this very reason because it allows you to keep getting tons of points while using points which sounds like a win-win situation to me! This is a key component to saving money with Bonwi because the more points you get, the more points you use, which means the more hotels and car hires and even flights you can get for basically nothing! Since there are no taxes or fees with Bonwi either, it means you can get a lot of travel essentials for practically nothing!

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Price Guarantees And Price Comparison

Price guarantees always set your mind at ease and allow you the confidence to book online knowing that you’re getting the best possible deal. Not only that, but Bonwi’s results pages show results as price comparison lists with different rooms and rates for the same hotel, meaning you can pick the right room for your needs and see the price laid out right in front of you. Add to this the fact that they also show how many points you’re getting for the overall booking too, and you can book easily and get the best price. Find the same room cheaper elsewhere? Bonwi will credit you 110% of the price difference, a totally awesome concept that keeps me coming back for more – not that I’ve ever needed to submit a claim as I’ve always seen only the best possible rates on Bonwi.

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Booking Online With Bonwi

Online booking with Bonwi couldn’t be easier. Just type in the destination in the search bar on the homepage with your dates and away you go. The results are loaded in an easy to use, list based style that allows you to quickly and efficiently scan the results so you can get a good idea of prices, options and more. When you select a hotel that you want to book or look at, the options for rooms are clearly displayed with prices and your points that you will receive for that booking, meaning you can get a good idea of your options easily and quickly, saving yourself time and money.

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Using Cash Back Cards

Want to take saving money to the next level? Consider using cash back credit cards when booking with Bonwi. You won’t only get cash back, but Bonwi points too! It’s a great idea for those who travel often and want to ensure they get tons of points quickly so they can redeem them for potentially big ticket items like flights. While you can’t book flights with Bonwi, you can redeem points for flights, so it makes sense to book hotels with Bonwi as much as you can in order to get free flights later. It’s a no brainer!

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So whether you’re a long term traveller and you travel for fun or business, booking your hotels through Bonwi is a great way to help save money on not just your upcoming trip, but all trips in the future. You can not only book for yourself, but other people too, meaning you can rack up points all over the place to use for travel to save yourself a bundle that you can use on other amazing things like excursions, tours and admission to those historic or famous sites.

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