Opportunity Awaits in Booming Perth

Perth offers an abundance of opportunities for those who are looking to grow a business and thrive in a booming economy. Finding a business for sale in Perth is not difficult. With a population growth that has recently exploded, many entrepreneurs have given Perth a chance. It is forecast that by that by 2036, that population will grow by 15,019 (almost 2.5 percent per year).

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History of Perth
Perth was originally inhabited 40,000 years ago by the Nyoongar people. In 1697, explorers reached the present site of Cottesloe Beach in order to discover the fate of a ship that was lost three years earlier. The Nyoongar were not helpful, but before the explorers departed, they founded the Swan River. It received its name for the black swans swimming upon its waters.

In 1829, Perth was founded by Captain James Stirling as part of the Swan River Colony. Awed by its beauty, settlers arrived and began to make the place their home in June of 1829. After obtaining freedom from Britain, Perth became the first free settlement in Australia.

The Fastest Growing Capital is Perth
You might call Perth a haven from the rest of the world’s economies. With many economies in the process of slowing down, Perth remains poised for growth due to its natural resources and expanding population. There are economists who believe that slowed growth could be the case with Perth; however, many others believe that the region’s abundant resources will prevent that scenario. The spirit of the first settlers lives on, bringing the adventurous to an area ready to thrive once more.

The mining boom and resources have created a growth rate that fosters economic development. Infrastructure projects have recently been completed and are certainly a boon to businesses who ship and receive goods. Skyscrapers with offices, such as Brookfield Place, dot the landscape, and Perth has more than ten of the tallest buildings in Australia. Three freeways, the Mitchell Freeway, Graham Framer Freeway and Kwinana Freeway, serve the city.

Why People Come Here
Considered one of the most liveable cities in the world, Perth has seen new inhabitants from Britain and South Africa due to the revitalization of the mining industry. This growth includes an influx of singles and older couples as well. Moreover, between 2011 and 2013, of the twenty-five fastest growing local areas in Australia, fifteen were in the Western region.

The Arts and Festivals Thrive in Perth
Arts, culture and world-class performances are popular in Perth. Your business can thrive and grow as the city expands. Events such as the Quit Targa West Tarmac Rally, the Perth Fashion Festival, the City to Surf Fun Run, and plenty more bring visitors and residents out for the fun and possibly right to the door of your new business.

Explore the business opportunities awaiting you in Perth. Let the colours and excitement of the city be home to your new venture, which could grow and expand along with the thriving population of Perth.


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