Why The Manaslu Circuit Trek Is The Best In Nepal

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is ideal for everyone out there that loves to travel and experience new things. Who wouldn’t like to be amongst the mountains, take in the Himalayas, see Tibetan culture, tradition and also have one of the best trekking adventures you can find in Nepal?

There are hundreds of reasons for you to book a trip for the Manaslu Circuit Trek and why it is the best in Nepal. Here are my top reasons:

An Epic Trek

This is a circuit which means that you’ll be following a loop, I love this because it means you won’t have to go back on yourself and trek a trail you’ve done before – you start and finish at different points, you start at Aright and finish at Syange people also really enjoy the scenic drive from Kathmandu to the starting point. The Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you around Mount Manaslu which is the 8th highest in the world and is a real sight to behold. Each and every day you will go to new places, see different things and also meet plenty of local people. This trek is epic and the best in Nepal!

Village Life

During the fist few days of the trek is when you get to meet local people and get an insight into village life which has remained similar for hundreds of years. At the lower elevations on your trek you see the influence of Hinduism. As your follow the circuit north, there are plenty of spectacular views to take in, but the highlight for me here was the Tibetan influence. The influence on the culture, traditions and rituals feels magical – when you see the prayer flags fluttering in the wind and visit monasteries you are almost spell bound. Samoan is where you acclimatise for a day and gives you the perfect opportunity to see how people live their lives in the villages.

It’s Challenging But Very Doable

If you have a decent level of fitness and are able to deal with some rough terrain you’ll be fine on this challenging trek. The one thing everyone who joins must have is bags of enthusiasm and a lust for adventure. On average there are around 6-8 hours of trekking each day which is very doable for people who are fit. Make sure you do some preparation and practice as often as you can with a backpack on too. The guides will make sure you’re fully acclimatised before starting this epic trek.