Island Living In Koh Tao

Thailand is blessed with some of the best island holidays in the world. If you’ve seen the pictures you know there are pristine beaches, turquoise waters and stunning sunsets. It can often be difficult choosing just one to visit but I would always opt for Koh Tao.

Koh Tao directly translates to Turtle Island and anyone who visits will always have the trip of a lifetime. Once you’ve booked your travel from Bangkok to Koh Tao it’s time to start getting excited about what you’ll be doing once you arrive.

Here are the reasons why I think Koh Tao is the best that the Land of Smiles has to offer:

The Party

Every island is known for its bustling nightlife but many of the islands can be overwhelming and overcrowded, not what you’re really looking for on a chilled out holiday. Koh Tao has the perfect mix of laid back beach bars and clubs for you to enjoy. My personal favourite was Sairee Beach, there’s a huge stretch of places along the beach for you to choose from – the best bars being those with beanbags to lounge on, sip a cocktail and watch the sunset. If you want to take it up a level, then you’re a stone’s throw away from fire dancing and the infamous buckets.

The Diving

Koh Tao is famous for being one of the best dive locations on the planet. You don’t need to be a pro to go diving. My first ever dive was in Koh Tao and I was really impressed by how professional the instructors were – if you want to become Paddi certified then this is the place for you. When you’re under the water you will see loads of different fish, giant turtles and sometimes sharks (no need to be scared – it’s not dangerous at all). If diving isn’t for you then you can always snorkel and see what lies beneath the ocean.

The Sunsets

No Island holiday would be complete without watching the stunning sunsets every evening – in Koh Tao the sunsets are insanely beautiful! Every evening you head down to the beach to watch the sun go down and feel lucky to be able to experience such natural beauty. There was no better way to end each day and it only added to the relaxing vibe that this island oozes. I promise that by the time you leave you’ll have hundreds of great photos of the sunsets, your social media will be full of them!