The Best Day Trips From Miami

Miami is the largest city in Florida. Popular among foreign tourists, the city is renowned for being a lively place, offering visitors plenty to see and do. There are some wonderful day trips to be had that are within easy reach of the city itself. Here are some of the best trips from Miami, Florida, created by


Swampy Secrets
By car, the Everglades National Park is about an hour and a half away from the centre of Miami. A swampy wetland that extends approximately 1,900 square kilometres, it is only the southernmost 20 per cent or so of this wilderness that is covered by the protection of the National Park. Famous for its wildlife, especially alligators and many varied species of birds, there is a also a great range of activities on offer to visitors. Camping and hiking are popular, while boat trips are truly memorable, especially if you travel in one of the popular air boats.

Of course, Florida is just as famous for its theme parks. Most of the more famous parks are actually located close to the city of Orlando, which is situated closer to central Florida. Motorists can expect to spend up to three-and-a-half hours driving from Miami to Orlando, but the journey is worth it if you want to visit some iconic locations. Disney World and Busch Gardens are among the parks that you can visit in Orlando and there is plenty of accommodation there if you find that you need to stay overnight.


Drive into Outer Space
Not far from Orlando, on the east coast of the state, is the so-called ‘Space Coast’. Built at the Kennedy Space Center, which staged shuttle launches until 2011, most of it lies within Brevard County. Towns such as Rockledge and Cape Canaveral will resonate with anyone who watched a NASA mission on television as a youngster. As well as the space facilities, visitors can see some of Florida’s more unspoilt countryside. The Atlantic Ocean provides great surfing opportunities, not to mention the chance to spot turtles and other marine life.


Seascapes and Super Fishing
To the south of Miami is the Biscayne National Park, a coastal and maritime protected area that offers some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving in the USA. The national park area covers 172,971 acres and includes Elliot Key, which is the first of the Florida Keys. A portion of the world’s third-largest coral reef is contained within the park’s boundaries. Mangrove forests are among the natural features of the park, which can be explored in canoes and glass-bottomed boats.

If you want to head further south of Miami, then a trip to the Florida Keys is recommended. This chain of islands, with Key West as the largest, is a holiday paradise. The area has a distinctive culture, which is more Caribbean than American in many ways; residents tend to adopt a laid-back attitude, which rubs off on tourists in the many bars and beach sites. This is where you go if you really want to relax. Miami was a favourite destination of writer Ernest Hemingway, who loved the superb fishing in the area.

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