BMWs that make the best company cars

Like any modern-day car manufacturer BMW has a large array of models to choose from, suiting the needs of any businessperson. Whether you require a large vehicle for transporting items around, or a smaller city car for client visits, the Munich-based company has a solution for almost every organisation.

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Fleet managers will have to make important decisions based on the requirements of their staff, so here is helping hand a things to consider before you visit check out the latest BMW leasing deals.


Efficiency is a very important consideration for businesses. The rising cost of petrol is putting pressure on budgets, while efficiency bandings will also determine how much tax needs to be paid.

Employees might be required to travel up and down the country on a regular basis, so choosing a fleet car which is kind on the purse strings, and the environment, is a must.

The BMW 3 Series 320D Efficient Dynamics could be the ideal vehicle. It is classed in Band B for its 109g/km emissions, while it is capable of a combined 68.9mpg if driven if the correct manner.

For city driving this figure comes down to 56.5mpg, while extra-urban use will see motorists get up to 78.5mpg.


Space is another important consideration for businesses. Will your staff have to ferry around large amounts of equipment, such as conference displays, projectors and boxes of products?

If so then a 3 Series might be an easy choice, however, the surprisingly-roomy 1 Series should also not be forgotten about, particularly in the form of the 120d M Sport 5 door.

With the rear doors this ensures that you have excellent access to the back seats, whether this is for ferrying clients around or moving packages in and out. Luggage capacity with the seats up stands at 360 litres, while the maximum roof load will hold 75kg in case you are using a roof rack.


Style is crucial for the image-conscious business, and you will want your employees to look and feel great in their car. While the 1 Series is an excellent vehicle in its own right, something a little larger such as the 3 Series, 5 Series or X5 could be just the trick.

These cars exude class and will send out a good message for your company – one, that you are financially-secure enough to afford to choose BMW, and two, that your brand shares similar values to that of your vehicle’s manufacturer.

The superior quality inside the cabin of BMWs, which could range from leather seats, automatic air conditioning, satellite navigation systems et al, are bound to impress anyone who sets foot inside.


While speed is not everything, having a car which has good acceleration and can get you from A to B is the fastest but safest possible time is a requirement for many. Furthermore, having a company car which is good to drive, should add to the enjoyment of the job.

When it comes to speed, there is not a huge amount in it between the 1 Series 118D M Sport, which can do 0-62mph in 8.9 seconds (with a speed limited at 132mph), compared to the 3 Series 320D Efficient Dynamics, which was timed at 7.9 seconds and has a top speed of 140mph.


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