Advantages of Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Crooked teeth can not only make us feel uneasy but they can also hamper you when cleaning them. If you have teeth that simply can’t be cleaned properly then you’re very likely to end up with some periodontal disease. This will affect gums, bone and lead to tooth loss.

Braces are the way to straighten your teeth correctly. That being said, traditional braces are no the most attractive, quite uncomfortable, and call also be quite painful sometimes. Many adults also feel a little embarrassed when wearing them. So, to avoid these problems Invisalign is a superb alternative.

Here’s why:


Many people believe that metal braces are unattractive, and it looks as if the mouth is full with chunks of metal. On an adult they are most noticeable and it is easy to get food stuck in them without the person wearing them knowing. With clear braces such as Invisalign you can hardly see them in the mouth. In fact, it looks like the wearer isn’t wearing any braces at all. Overall they are much more attractive than the traditional metal braces.


Once your dentist attaches the metal braces to the teeth, they must stay in place until a professional removes them. Invisalign braces are easily removed. If there is any point at which the wearer would like to take them out, to eat or drink something, they can do so with ease.


Traditional metal braces have things such as wire and protruding metal, all of which can cause scratches and punctures to the mouth and gums. The clear kind of braces are extremely comfortable and very smooth. There are no sharp edges or protruding parts present. All in all, the clear braces will greatly reduce the amount of damage caused by traditional braces, this includes gum disease and cavities.

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