How to Ace Your Next Exam

It’s the time of year every student dreads, exam time. Most students are prone to the unhealthy study methods like sleepless nights and cramming, mixed with a load of stress. But, with a few simple study regimes and a focused attitude you’ll be ready to ace the next exam. Here are some key pointers that will you have on the path to a report card you can be proud of.


Find a Tutor

Studying with an exam prep tutor is great for so many reasons. Firstly it will encourage you and essentially force you to study.  Secondly, it will determine what areas you are struggling with and you can work with your tutor to focus more attention on that subject. Thirdly, you are able to have a discussion on the topics. By talking about matters that will be in the exam you will have a greater memory when it comes time to take the test. Studying with an exam prep tutor in Hong Kong or in any city is worth the investment. It will also add another level of accountability to doing well on the exam.


Download apps

Using flashcards is a proven helpful study technique. Download apps like Flashcards+ to help. You can make a list of topics you need to remember. Randomly choose one at a time and train yourself to be able to trigger the answer as soon as you see the question.  


Make cheat sheets


Change your atmosphere

Laying in bed with your laptop and books might seem like a nice relaxing way to study but this is not effective, at least not for very long. You’ll associate laying in bed with being lazy, watching movies and wasting time. It’s important to change your settings to keep your mind focused. Try places like the library, the park, or a quiet coffee shop. There is a correlation with your brain being in a new place and retaining new information.


Take Breaks

Taking smart breaks is a must. There is a difference between stopping to grab a coffee and do some stretching and stopping to play video games for an hour or browsing online retailers for hours.


Set Goals

Create a test for yourself. Exam yourself and then grade yourself. You can use a cheat sheet that you have created when you really can’t remember how to solve the problem. But take a mental note of what is on the sheet when you must look and use your memory to be your actual cheat sheet when it comes to exam day