5 Things you need to know about PR

pr picPR isn’t the be all and end all

A great PR campaign should form part of a wider marketing strategy and should be used in conjunction with other initiatives to maximise impact. These initiatives would include a social strategy, SEO spend, an ad campaign delivering more value for money.

PR is not selling

A journalist’s job is to tell a story, not to sell your product or service.

They are busy. Make their lives easier by giving them a story that is relevant to their consumer base. Make it interesting, make it timely, make it relevant. Don’t sell to them. Give them a great angle! Remember, that it’s what they – not you – think is important that matters.

PR takes time

Getting a story published is one thing, more traffic, maybe a few new users but more likely than not you will soon be forgotten.

The key to building brand awareness and market position is consistency and perseverance. Constantly engaging with the press and getting regular exposure in a variety of relevant outlets.

PR must have an objective

With all PR Campaigns there must be specific business and marketing objectives that can be achieved through media coverage. “I need the credibility of appearing in a so and so paper/media to put us in front of our target audience”

PR isn’t rocket science

Businesses can do a lot of PR in-house but a PR Company London, New York, Los Angeles or any established PR firm throughout the world are worth their weight in gold being able to offer huge value in developing strategic campaigns, handling various channels and geographies and engaging with the most well-known and sought after media outlets.

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