Recognising Christmas within the workplace

Christmas is a strange time of year for businesses. Depending on the kind of industry you are in, the festive season will either be incredibly busy or extremely quiet.

Meanwhile, employees will be thinking of what gifts to buy for their friends and relatives and looking forward to their Christmas party.

Yet it’s true to say that many businesses don’t go to a great deal of effort when the festive season comes around.

Nobody is realistically suggesting that Christmas carols should be piped through the speakers all day and that fake snow should be falling from the ceiling.

But there is nothing stopping firms adding a few decorations and going the extra mile to encourage a bit of seasonal cheer in their workforce.

Give out Christmas presents

Perhaps one of the most heartwarming aspects of Christmas is giving and receiving presents, as it’s a great way to show loved ones and friends how much we care about them.

People’s relationships with their employer will obviously be quite different, yet even in the workplace, they still like to know they are valued.

With this in mind, businesses might find it worthwhile investing in some gifts for their workforce. It’s a way of recognising their efforts over the last year and thanking them for it in a meaningful and tangible way.

Business gifts – shown here – are often handed out to incentivise prospective customers or reward long-standing clients and partners. However, it is the workforce that makes a company run effectively and it therefore deserves to be thanked and acknowledged just as much as anyone else.

Of course, picking Christmas presents can be notoriously difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of appropriate options for an employer that wants to express the season’s greetings, such as pens, clocks, photo frames and other useful trinkets that will be handy both at work and in home.

Alternatively, companies might go for something that is a little bit more tailored to this particular time of year. A food hamper, for instance, or a selection of sweets and biscuits, is likely to be extremely well received by hard-working members of staff.

Everyone likes to indulge in fatty, sugary treats at this time of year, so satisfying this desire will certainly help bosses score a few brownie points with their team.

It’s worth remembering though that gifts shouldn’t be given out arbitrarily and it’s sensible to put a bit of thought into who receives what.

Employers might even find it a good idea getting their staff involved in deciding who should be given certain items, perhaps by setting up an award scheme and asking people to vote for winners in different categories.

This can be wise partly because some employees might otherwise get a bit jealous that one of their colleagues has got a more expensive or desirable gift than them. So if the selection process is completely open and transparent, nobody can dare to throw around accusations of favouritism.

Employers could really show that they value and appreciate their workforce by handing out the gifts at a special occasion, like a Christmas party. This will have far more impact than simply giving them out unceremoniously during the working day, as they don’t want to run the risk of making it look as if the sentiments behind them aren’t completely sincere.


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Legal benefits of working for yourself

People are classed as self employed when they are not working for an employer but working for themselves. Self employed people either work as independent contractors of make money through their own business. There are many reasons why the law benefits self employed individuals. A recent case would be the change to European Union legislation in 2012, the EU gave self-employed workers and their partners legal rights to maternity leave and also gave them some pension rights for the first time. One of the biggest legal benefits of working for yourself is the money you can save when it comes to taxes. Self employed people often find that they can reduce their tax bill and also turn their normal expenses in to tax deductible expenses. One thing that all self employed people will need is sound legal advice, using a suitable personal solicitor is strongly advised. A tax professional will be able to explain everything thoroughly and help you to save money. Here are some great ways that you can legally save money on your tax returns each

If you are self employed then you are able to deduct a lot of expenses from your tax, things such as a home office, health insurance, food and entertainment, communications, car and travel can all be deducted. Overall you can find yourself saving a lot of money, the money that you can save may lead you to retire earlier than planned. Of course, it is not all straightforward and you will need to do your research before deciding what expenses you can put down as business related. If you are in any doubt then you should not list them as a business expense, if the tax man goes through your accounts thoroughly and finds any mistakes then you will be left with a hefty fine. This is why it is always a great idea to consult with a solicitor before making any decision, paying for advice could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

The other benefits that are on offer to you come from the state. The benefits depend on certain criteria such as age, hours worked each week, earnings, number of children and if you have a disability or illness. The benefits that are available include; working tax credits, council tax support, child benefits, pension credits, income support and support with mortgage interest. Depending on your situation you are legally entitled to these benefits. To get a better idea of what you are entitled to you should look at the relevant government website, then you should consult a solicitor if you are unsure about any points.

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Do You Have Your Financial Bucket List Ready?

Have you set some financial goals that you want to achieve at a particular point in your career?  Do you have them prioritised so that you can enjoy the benefits as you check these things off your list?  Having a plan that helps you reach your financial goals and objectives is an excellent way to achieve the financial freedom that you need to travel around the world, save for retirement, and manage the income that you have in a responsible way.  The money that you set aside today can establish the quality of life that you’ll have when you’re older.  Having a bucket list that serves as a map for your money management will accommodate the needs that you have and the wants that you’d like to experience.

 Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 10.53.53 PM

How to Develop Your List of Priorities

You’ll want to think about your future and what lifestyle you want to have as you go through life.  Of course, you will have to take a look at some of your habits and find ways that allow you to save the amount of money that you need to reach your goals.  It will be wise to begin to save your money slowly and increase the amount as you see fit; the most important part of reaching your financial goals is to establish a regular pattern of saving and make a commitment to maintain a routine each month for making deposits.  As your life changes and your needs vary, you will need to reflect upon how your savings plan is proceeding and how you need to make adjustments to accommodate the objectives that you have.

What Should Be on Your Bucket List of Financial Goals

You should always pay off bad debts that you have incurred from either impulsive or bad decisions that you made.  Try to always avoid using credit cards because they only encourage you to spend money that you don’t’ yet have.  Make a list of the bills that you want to pay off and then begin checking them off as you accomplish a payoff.  It’s smart to begin with your smallest bill first and then proceed to the larger debts that you have; as you pay off these smaller bills, use that money to add to the regular payment of other bills which means that you’ll be investing this money into paying off your next bill.  You’ll find that checking off each debt will motivate you to manage your money more wisely and avoid making decisions that impact your money without careful thought first.

Staying Focused is the Key

It’s imperative that you remain focused on your goals as you work through your bucket list of financial goals.  All the while that you are working to get your financial house in order, you may want to also focus on setting aside some money for emergencies that are sure to happen.  By having one of the GE Capital ISA accounts you can save money along with your debt remittance so that you won’t be caught without a plan when you need money immediately.  This will provide you with a solution that offers you peace of mind and confidence no matter what crisis you are experiencing.

So make sure that your bucket list of financial goals is established early on in your career; you’ll be very thankful when all of your debts are paid and your savings are growing steadily.


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